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A tripod is portable, three-legged platform equipment, usually made of lightweight metal such as stainless-steel or iron so that it can be moved within the lab.

The main usage is to support or hold the flasks and beakers during experiments. Most of the time as Wire gauze with ceramic center is required to be placed on top of the tripod to allow the glassware to be placed on top of it.

Due to its height, the Bunsen burner can also be paced underneath to heat up.

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  1. The tripod stands are made of light metals that make it lightweight and easy to carry.
  2. Portable and foldable, suitable for laboratories with restricted space.
  3. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, and chromium.
  4. Used in diverse fields such as industrial, pathological, educational, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories.


  1. Always use a tripod on a heat-proof mat.
  2. If you have been heating things, leave the tripod to cool when you have finished before you move them.
  3. Do not try to put up a hot tripod or try to put it away.
  4. Avoid picking tripod from top – pick up at the bottom of its feet.


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