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A wash bottle is basically a squeeze bottle with a long bent beak, used mostly in chemistry and biology laboratories. They are made of semi-soft plastic that gives away when pushed.

This pressure on the bottle squeezes it and enforces the same amount of pressure on the liquid inside. The liquid then comes out speedily by the long thin nuzzle.

Wash bottles are built for one main purpose, i.e., to wash laboratory glassware. Test tubes, flasks, beakers, etc. are often hard to wash in the sink because of their shape and size.

The sink supplies just tepid water, not only specialized washing liquid like distilled water or ethyl alcohol. Wash bottle is used in laboratory in such cases.

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  • Available in size of 250 ml.
  • Generally cylindrical with a screw-top head and a pipe inserted into the cap.
  • The pipe is curved 90 degrees and has a very narrow nozzle on the tip.
  • The pipe sometimes extend into the interior of the bottle, almost to the bottom. You can use it while holding upright or tilt or overturn to extract the liquid out.
  • Made of polyethylene – a flexible material that does not react with most chemicals.
  • Good to use for cleaning of squirt solvents that leaves any chemical dirt or residue in the glassware.


  • For custom solvents, use pre-labelled HDPE wash bottles.
  • Use a wash bottle with safety venting as it prevents dripping.
  • Avoid writing on the bottle with markers as it tend to bleed upon solvent contact.
  • Never squirt liquid on a hot surface and don’t touch the liquid with bare skin.

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