Polylab Plastic Burette (25 ML)


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A burette is used to dispense small volumes of liquid called aliquots or gas with higher accuracy.

Burette consists of a plastic tube with a valve at one end to control the flow of liquid.

It is often used in chemical titrations. A chemical titration is a procedure to find the concentration of a chemical solution.

There are several types of titrations that are performed including the acid/base titrations, precipitation titrations, and reduction/oxidation titrations.

Acid/base titrations are the common titration performed in a chemical laboratory.

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  • A long, graduated plastic tube with a stopcock on the lower end for liquid measurement.
  • Have PTFE-plug stopcocks.
  • The burettes are break-resistant.
  • Self-zeroing automatic burettes.
  • Reservoir fill burettes.
  • The size of the burette is 25 ml, available both in glass and plastic.


  • Always use a small funnel to fill a burette.
  • Always rinse a burette before use by rinsing the burette and burette tap with the liquid to remove possible contaminants or dilutants.
  • Fill the burette, slowly towards the end and allow the funnel to drain empty before adding more.
  • Fill the burette past the zero mark and drain until reading reach zero or below zero.
  • Make sure to rinse the burette with a number of times after use and store upside down with the tap open.

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