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pH paper is used to determine if a solution is acidic, basic, or neutral. It is determined by dipping the part of pH in a solution and observe the change in solution color.

The pH paper is treated with a chemical known as Flavin that is soluble in water and changes color in presence of various types of solution.

In the presence of an acidic solution, the paper will turn red. In the presence of basic solution, the paper will turn a greenish-blue, and in the presence of neutral solution, the paper turns light green.

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  1. Fairly accurate over a wide range
  2. Instant pH readings
  3. Routine pH testing
  4. Easy read/compare accurate colour charts
  5. Made of high-quality papers that are impregnated with the mixed indicator solutions.
  6. Supplied in rolls or books that are convenient but also protect against external effects like moisture, light, ambient glass – resulting in a
  7. prolonged shelf life.
  8. Scalable, dependable, and of high-quality.


  1. Keep the pH paper clean.
  2. Use only the standard colour chart supplied with the pH paper to assess the pH value.
  3. Carefully match the color of the solution that appears with the standard color pH chart.
  4. Keep the pH strips away from chemical fumes.

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