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An inoculating loop, also called a smear loop, inoculation wand or microstreaker are hand-held devices for inoculating plated or tubed growth media with microorganisms such as bacteria or yeasts prior to incubation, multiplication, and growth.

The inoculum is typically stabbed into, or streaked into, solid agar-based media, or simply dispersed into liquid media.

Inoculating loops are also useful for sampling and transferring small quantities of microorganism prior to further analysis, microscopic examination, or serial dilution.

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  • The tool is made of twisted metal wire (such as platinum, tungsten, or nichrome), and also of disposable molded plastics versions.
  • Platinum loop ideal for transferring bacterial cultures.
  • Constructed of Bamp – S platinum wire that enables thinner work for delicate work.
  • Smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform streaking without damaging the gel surface.
  • Loops are fused to form a perfect circle to ensure accurate delivery.


  • Never place inoculating loops on the bench top.
  • Sterilize loop before and after each use.

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