Microscope Glass Slides (Standard Lab Size)

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Our Standard Lab Size Microscope Glass Slides are expertly crafted for clarity and durability. Designed for precision and reliability, these slides ensure your specimens are presented in the clearest detail, suitable for educational, research, and diagnostic applications. Enhance your microscopic observations with our premium quality slides.

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The Standard Lab Size Microscope Glass Slides are the cornerstone of microscopic analysis, offering unmatched clarity and reliability for professionals and students alike. Manufactured from optically clear glass, these slides provide a flawless medium for examining specimens. Each slide is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth edges for safe handling, with a uniform thickness that promotes consistent results across all your microscopic endeavors. Ideal for biology, pathology, and material science, these slides are designed to fit all standard microscopes. Elevate your microscopic studies with our slides, where every detail is engineered for excellence, ensuring that every observation is not just seen but truly understood.

Key Features

  1. Optical Clarity: Manufactured with high-quality glass to ensure crystal-clear viewing of specimens.
  2. Standard Dimensions: Perfectly sized for universal compatibility with all standard microscopes.
  3. Smooth Edges: Each slide has been finely polished to remove sharp edges, enhancing safety during handling.
  4. Chemical Resistance: Durable against common laboratory chemicals, ensuring longevity and reusability.
  5. Uniform Thickness: Consistently even thickness across slides promotes reliable sample preparation and observation.


  1. Handle with Care: Always hold slides by the edges to avoid fingerprints or contamination of the specimen area.
  2. Cleanliness: Ensure slides are clean before use; any residue can interfere with specimen observation.
  3. Storage: Store slides in a dry, safe place to prevent damage or contamination.
  4. Disposal: Dispose of broken or used slides according to safety protocols to avoid injury and contamination.
  5. Chemical Contact: Avoid direct contact of slides with harsh chemicals unless specifically designed for that purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can these slides be reused?
Answer: Yes, with proper cleaning and if undamaged, these slides can be reused for multiple observations.

Question: Are these slides compatible with all microscopes?
Answer: They are designed to fit standard microscopes, making them versatile for a wide range of applications.

Question: What is the thickness of these slides?
Answer: These slides maintain a uniform thickness, generally around 1mm, ideal for clarity and durability.

Question: How should I clean these slides?
Answer: Use a gentle lens cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and a soft, lint-free cloth or lens paper to avoid scratches.

Question: What material are these slides made of?
Answer: They are made of high-quality, optically clear glass designed for high transparency and durability.


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