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Pasteur pipette are also known as droppers or eye droppers. These are laboratory liquid handling tools, used to transfer small quantities of liquids.

Pasteur pipettes are mostly made of glass, although nowadays plastic Pasteur pipettes are becoming common around the world.

Pasteur pipettes are tubes that are tapered to a narrow opening point at the lower end and fitted with a plastic or rubber bulb at the upper end. The combination of a glass Pasteur Pipette and rubber bulb is known as ‘teat pipette’.

It is commonly used for blood banks, bacteriology labs, hematology labs, all general laboratory applications, clinical chemistry procedures, and research and development labs.

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  1. Made of glass and plastic
  2. Easy and safe to use in the laboratory
  3. Ideal for clinical and industrial use
  4. The Pasteur pipettes are chemical resistant as well as environment friendly.


  1. Always use the Pasteur pipette in a vertical or near-vertical position. The bulb on top and tip of the pipette is pointed down.
  2. If used for a solution of a solid compound in a solvent, or for an aqueous acid or base, rinse it with the water.
  3. Clean and re-use Pasteur pipettes when possible – do it immediately, before the chemical dries.

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