Filter Paper (110MM DIA)

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Our premium-grade, 110mm diameter filter paper is engineered for superior performance in laboratory filtration tasks. Crafted from high-quality cellulose fibers, it ensures consistent pore size and flow rate, providing unparalleled efficiency and reliability in separating fine particulate matter from liquids or gases.

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Introducing our top-of-the-line, 110mm diameter filter paper, designed to meet the rigorous demands of both research and industry applications. Made from specially selected, high-purity cellulose fibers, this filter paper boasts a perfect balance of thickness, porosity, and wet strength. It delivers exceptional particle retention, precise filtration speed, and consistent performance under varying conditions. Its compatibility with a wide range of substances makes it the go-to choice for qualitative and quantitative analysis, clarifying liquids, and air pollution monitoring. Trust our filter paper to provide reliable, reproducible results for all your filtration needs.

Key Features

  1. High Purity Cellulose Composition: Ensures minimal contamination in sensitive analyses.
  2. Optimized Thickness and Porosity: Offers a perfect balance for efficient filtration without compromising flow rate.
  3. Uniform Particle Retention: Provides consistent performance, capturing fine particulate matter effectively.
  4. Excellent Wet Strength: Maintains integrity and durability, even under wet conditions.
  5. Versatile Application Compatibility: Suitable for a broad range of filtration tasks across different industries and research fields.


  1. Avoid Overloading: Do not exceed the filter paper’s capacity, as it can tear or compromise filtration efficiency.
  2. Use with Proper Support: Always place the filter paper in an appropriate funnel or holder to prevent breaches or uneven filtration.
  3. Pre-wet for Vacuum Filtration: If used in vacuum filtration, pre-wet the paper to enhance sealing and performance.
  4. Handle with Clean Hands or Tweezers: To prevent contamination, handle the filter paper with clean hands or precision tweezers.
  5. Store in a Dry, Clean Environment: Keep unused filter papers in a moisture-free, clean storage area to maintain their integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can the filter paper be reused?
Answer: Generally, for best results and to avoid cross-contamination, filter paper should be used once and then properly disposed of.

Question: Is this filter paper suitable for both qualitative and quantitative analysis?
Answer: Yes, our 10cm diameter filter paper is designed for both qualitative and quantitative applications, providing accurate and reliable results.

Question: Can it filter out bacteria?
Answer: While the pore size of this filter paper is optimized for particulate matter, it may not be suitable for filtering out bacteria unless specifically stated. For microbiological applications, a membrane filter might be more appropriate.

Question: How should I dispose of used filter paper?
Answer: Disposal methods depend on the substances that have been filtered. Consult your local waste management guidelines and safety protocols related to chemical or biological substances.

Question: Does the diameter affect the filtration process?
Answer: The diameter of the filter paper can influence the filtration surface area and, consequently, the filtration speed and volume. A 10cm diameter is versatile for a wide range of applications, offering an optimal balance for many laboratory needs.


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