Cover Slip (22 x 50 MM)

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The Cover Slip (22 x 50 mm) is a precision-engineered glass slide used in microscopy to cover specimens for observation. Its standardized dimensions ensure compatibility with various microscope models, facilitating clear and focused imaging.

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The Cover Slip (22 x 50 mm) is an essential component in microscopy, designed to cover specimens on glass slides for observation under a microscope. Crafted from high-quality glass, it offers optical clarity and dimensional accuracy, ensuring precise imaging. Its standardized dimensions make it compatible with a wide range of microscopes, enabling researchers and educators to examine specimens with clarity and ease, aiding in detailed analysis and scientific discovery.

Key Features

  1. Precision-engineered glass construction for optical clarity.
  2. Standardized dimensions (22 x 50 mm) for compatibility with various microscopes.
  3. Smooth edges to prevent injury and facilitate handling.
  4. Uniform thickness to minimize optical distortions.
  5. Chemically clean surface for optimal specimen adhesion and observation.


  1. Handle cover slips with care to avoid breakage or damage.
  2. Ensure that the specimen is properly mounted on the slide before covering with the slip.
  3. Avoid touching the surface of the cover slip to prevent contamination or smudging.
  4. Use appropriate mounting media to secure the specimen and prevent movement during observation.
  5. Clean cover slips thoroughly before and after use to maintain optical clarity and prevent artifact formation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can cover slips be reused?
Answer: It is recommended to use new cover slips for each specimen to prevent contamination and ensure optimal imaging quality.

Question: Are cover slips resistant to chemical solvents?
Answer: Cover slips are typically made from chemically resistant glass, but prolonged exposure to strong solvents may affect their integrity. Avoid direct contact with aggressive chemicals.

Question: What is the recommended storage method for cover slips?
Answer: Store cover slips in a clean, dry environment away from dust and contaminants to maintain their quality. Avoid stacking them to prevent breakage.

Question: Can cover slips be autoclaved for sterilization?
Answer: Yes, cover slips can be autoclaved if necessary, but ensure they are properly wrapped to prevent damage from heat and moisture.

Question: Are cover slips suitable for fluorescence microscopy?
Answer: Yes, cover slips with low autofluorescence are available for fluorescence microscopy applications, ensuring minimal background interference.


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