Vacutainer Tubes – Gray (Sodium Fluoride / 2ml)

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Discover Vacutainer Tubes – Gray, containing Sodium Fluoride with a 2ml capacity. Designed to preserve blood glucose levels, these tubes ensure accurate results in glucose testing. Its vacuum-sealed design facilitates easy blood collection, enhancing efficiency and reliability in clinical settings.

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Explore the functionality of Vacutainer Tubes – Gray, equipped with Sodium Fluoride and a 2ml capacity, ideal for preserving blood glucose levels during testing. These tubes feature a vacuum-sealed design, simplifying blood collection processes in clinical environments. With precise measurements, they guarantee accurate glucose readings, ensuring diagnostic reliability. The gray hue distinguishes them for specific medical applications. Whether in research or medical diagnostics, these tubes stand as a dependable tool for healthcare professionals, streamlining procedures and optimizing patient care.

Key Features

  1. Sodium Fluoride content preserves blood glucose levels for accurate testing.
  2. 2ml capacity accommodates sufficient blood samples for diagnostic purposes.
  3. Vacuum-sealed design facilitates efficient blood collection.
  4. Gray hue distinguishes these tubes for specific medical applications.
  5. Ensures reliability and precision in glucose testing, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.


  1. Use sterile techniques during blood collection to prevent contamination.
  2. Ensure proper labeling of tubes with patient information to avoid mix-ups.
  3. Handle tubes with care to prevent breakage or leakage of contents.
  4. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for storage temperature and duration.
  5. Dispose of used tubes in accordance with biohazard waste disposal guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the purpose of Vacutainer Tubes – Gray?
Answer: These tubes are designed to preserve blood glucose levels for accurate testing in diagnostic procedures.

Question: How much blood can Vacutainer Tubes – Gray hold?
Answer: They have a capacity of 2ml, sufficient for most diagnostic blood sampling requirements.

Question: Are Vacutainer Tubes – Gray suitable for other tests besides glucose testing?
Answer: While primarily used for glucose testing, they may be applicable for certain other medical assays.

Question: Can Vacutainer Tubes – Gray be reused?
Answer: No, they are intended for single-use only to maintain sample integrity and prevent contamination.

Question: How should Vacutainer Tubes – Gray be stored?
Answer: Store them at the recommended temperature and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper storage conditions to maintain sample stability.


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