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Goggles are a form of protective eyewear, mostly worn in laboratories and other hazardous workplaces. This form of eye protection is designed for specific applications and to withstand certain conditions experienced by the wearer.

Safety goggles are tight-fitting eye protection that completely cover the eyes, eye sockets, the facial area around the eyes, and provide protection from impact, dust, splashes, and mists.

These goggles are available with perforated, port-vented, or non-vented frames. Safety goggles should be worn when working with liquids that may splash or if airborne or vapor particulate protection is required.

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  1. Chemical-resistant googles are made from materials that withstand exposure to hazardous liquids or gases.
  2. Impact-resistant googles protect against large particles.
  3. Heat-resistant goggles are designed for industrial locations involving super-heated or molten materials.


  1. Safety goggles for firefighting applications withstand heat and impact hazards – to be worn with shielded helmets.
  2. Goggles should fit snugly over and around the eyes.
  3. Keep your safety goggles clean.
  4. Clean your goggles after each use, use lens cleaner to remove residue.
  5. Before wearing, inspect daily that it doesn’t have any cracks or broken pieces.

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