Hitachi Sample Cups (2ml)

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Hitachi Sample Cups (2ml) are precision-engineered for accurate sample storage and analysis. Designed to fit Hitachi instrumentation seamlessly, these cups ensure reliable results. With a capacity of 2ml, they are ideal for various laboratory applications, offering durability and compatibility with automated systems for efficient workflows.

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Hitachi Sample Cups (2ml) are meticulously crafted for precise sample handling in laboratory settings. Engineered to meet stringent quality standards, these cups guarantee accurate results in analytical processes. Their 2ml capacity accommodates diverse sample volumes, ensuring versatility in applications. With compatibility across Hitachi instrumentation, they facilitate seamless integration into laboratory workflows. Manufactured with durability in mind, these cups are essential for researchers and technicians seeking dependable sample storage solutions that optimize efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features

  1. Precise engineering for accurate sample analysis.
  2. 2ml capacity suitable for various sample volumes.
  3. Seamless compatibility with Hitachi instrumentation.
  4. Durable construction for long-term use.
  5. Facilitates efficient workflows in laboratory settings.


  1. Ensure proper labeling to avoid sample mix-ups.
  2. Handle with care to prevent damage or contamination.
  3. Use recommended storage conditions to maintain sample integrity.
  4. Avoid overfilling to prevent spills during handling.
  5. Regularly inspect cups for signs of wear and replace if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are Hitachi Sample Cups (2ml) compatible with other brands’ instruments?
Answer: No, they are specifically designed for use with Hitachi instrumentation.

Question: Can these cups be autoclaved for sterilization?
Answer: Yes, they are autoclavable for sterilization purposes.

Question: What materials are used in manufacturing these cups?
Answer: They are typically made of high-quality polypropylene material.

Question: Are these cups disposable or reusable?
Answer: They are disposable for single-use applications.

Question: Can I purchase these cups in bulk quantities?
Answer: Yes, bulk purchasing options are available to suit your laboratory needs.



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