Polylab Plastic Round Bottom Flask (1000 ML)


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Round Bottom flasks are types of flasks having spherical bottoms used as laboratory glassware, commonly used for chemical or biochemical purpose.

They are made of glass for chemical inertness. There’s one tubular section known as the neck with the opening tip. The end of the neck are usually conical ground class joints. These are standardized and accepts any similarly sized tapered fittings.

Because of the round bottom of the flask, the cork rings are required to keep the round bottom flasks upright. While using, round-bottom flasks are held at the neck with clamps on the stand.

When used in pilot plants, larger flasks are encountered.

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  • Made of heat-resistant polylab plastic.
  • Size of round bottom flask is 1000 ml.
  • Its shape is more resistant to fracturing under vacuum, as a sphere distributes stress across its surface.
  • An additional neck allows a dropping funnel to be attached so that reactants drip slowly.


  • For heating or boiling of liquid.
  • Used in distillation.
  • Contain chemical reactions.
  • Distilling flask in rotatory evaporators.
  • Storage of the culture media.
  • Preparation of the gas-phase standards for flasks fitted with septa (volumetric calibration is required).


  • Wash the round bottom flask before use.
  • Before using, examine it carefully – it should not be scratched, cracked, chipped, or etched.
  • If the flask contains any defect, remove it from the laboratory as it can seriously weaken the mechanical strength of glass and cause to break while use.
  • Never hold it from the neck, always support from the base and sides.
  • When stirring solutions in the flask, avoid using stirring rods with sharp ends.
  • Always heat gently and gradually to avoid sudden temperature changes as it can cause glass to break due to thermal stock.

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