Polylab Plastic Reagent Bottle (Narrow Mouth / 250ml)

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The Polylab Plastic Reagent Bottle, with a 250ml capacity and a narrow mouth, is crafted for precision and safety in laboratory environments. Made from high-grade plastic, it ensures durability and chemical resistance. Ideal for storing, mixing, and handling reagents, its design prioritizes user convenience and content security.

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The Polylab Plastic Reagent Bottle, featuring a 250ml capacity and a precision-designed narrow mouth, is an essential laboratory accessory for professionals seeking reliability and safety. Constructed from premium plastic, this bottle offers exceptional resistance to chemicals, reducing the risk of reaction and contamination. Its compact size and ergonomic design facilitate easy handling and storage, making it perfect for a wide range of scientific applications. Whether for mixing, measuring, or storing reagents, its leak-proof seal ensures content integrity, enhancing laboratory efficiency. The clear, durable body allows for quick content identification, further proving its indispensability in fast-paced lab settings.

Key Features

  1. Chemical Resistance: Made from high-quality plastic, it withstands aggressive chemicals without degrading.
  2. Leak-proof Design: Features a tight-sealing cap that prevents spills and evaporation, maintaining the purity of reagents.
  3. Clear Material: Offers visibility for easy monitoring of the bottle’s contents, aiding in quick identification.
  4. Durability: Robust construction ensures long-term usability, resisting cracks and breakage.
  5. Narrow Mouth: Precision-designed for controlled pouring and filling, minimizing spills and waste.


  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Do not expose the bottle to temperatures beyond its material’s tolerance to prevent deformation.
  2. Use Compatible Chemicals: Ensure the chemicals stored are compatible with the plastic material to avoid reactions.
  3. Tighten Cap Securely: Always ensure the cap is tightly secured to prevent leaks and contamination.
  4. Do Not Overfill: Leave sufficient space in the bottle to allow for expansion of liquids, if necessary.
  5. Clean Regularly: Properly clean and dry the bottle after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is the bottle autoclavable?
Amswer: No, due to its plastic composition, it should not be autoclaved as high temperatures can deform the material.

Question: Can it be used to store acidic or basic solutions?
Answer: Yes, it’s designed to handle a wide range of chemical solutions, but always check compatibility with the specific type of plastic.

Question: How should the bottle be cleaned?
Answer: Clean with mild detergent and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly, and dry before reuse.

Question: Is the bottle suitable for food storage?
Answer: While made of high-grade plastic, it’s specifically designed for laboratory use, so it’s best to consult manufacturer guidelines for food safety.

Question: Can it withstand freezing temperatures?
Answer: The bottle can handle low temperatures, but avoid direct exposure to extreme freezing to prevent material brittleness.


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