Pasteur Pipette (Glass Dropper with Rubber Bulb)


The Pasteur Pipette is a slender glass tube with a rubber bulb, designed for precise liquid transfer in laboratories. Its slender tip enables accurate dispensing, while the rubber bulb facilitates controlled suction. This essential tool ensures meticulous handling of small volumes in various scientific experiments and medical procedures.

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A Pasteur Pipette, a quintessential tool in laboratories, boasts a slender glass tube with a rubber bulb, facilitating precise liquid transfer. Its design allows for accurate dispensing of small volumes, crucial in scientific experiments and medical procedures. The rubber bulb enables controlled suction, ensuring meticulous handling. With its versatility and reliability, this pipette serves as a cornerstone in numerous research disciplines, providing scientists and medical professionals with the means for precise measurements and fluid transfers.

Key Features

  1. Precision Dispensing: Enables accurate transfer of small liquid volumes.
  2. Rubber Bulb: Facilitates controlled suction for fluid aspiration.
  3. Clear Glass Construction: Allows visual monitoring of liquid levels.
  4. Graduated Marks: Provides measurement reference for precise dispensing.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for various laboratory and medical applications, from microbiology to molecular biology.


  1. Handle with Care: Glass pipettes are fragile; avoid dropping or mishandling.
  2. Proper Sterilization: Ensure thorough sterilization before and after each use to prevent contamination.
  3. Avoid Overfilling: Do not exceed the pipette’s maximum capacity to prevent spills and inaccuracies.
  4. Correct Technique: Use correct pipetting technique to maintain accuracy and precision.
  5. Chemical Compatibility: Verify compatibility with liquids being dispensed to prevent damage to the pipette.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I autoclave a Pasteur Pipette?
Answer: Yes, most Pasteur Pipettes are autoclavable. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper sterilization.

Question: What is the difference between a Pasteur Pipette and a micropipette?
Answer: Pasteur Pipettes are glass pipettes with rubber bulbs, suitable for transferring small volumes manually. Micropipettes are precision instruments used for accurate measurement and dispensing of precise volumes.

Question: How do I clean a Pasteur Pipette?
Answer: Rinse with distilled water, then wash with mild detergent. Follow with thorough rinsing and drying before sterilization.

Question: Can I reuse Pasteur Pipettes?
Answer: While some can be reused after proper sterilization, it’s advisable to use disposable pipettes for sterile applications to prevent contamination.

Question: What is the maximum volume a Pasteur Pipette can handle?
Answer: The volume capacity varies, but typical Pasteur Pipettes handle volumes ranging from 1 to 10 milliliters.


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