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The brush is a high-precision tool used in labs regularly for the thorough, manual cleaning of lab glassware and plasticware.

It generally has a handle with terminal bristles, set centrally, or laterally and come in various sizes and styles to clean the different types of vessels without leaving scratches or other damage. Most laboratory brushes are washable or autoclavable, to be used time and time again.

It is sold individually or as sets with different dimensions to allow effective cleaning or a wide range of vessel sizes.

There are special brushes for cleaning catheters, flasks, centrifuges, cylinders, beakers, and test tubes. These include erasing chemical etching, removing rust, pre-soldering, debarring, and polishing.

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Properties of Brush:

The brush handle can be made from a range of materials depending on the type of brush:

  • These brushes are useful for cleaning various glassware.
  • They come with a wire or wooden handle with bristles that are spirally found in the groves in the wooden handle or wire.
  • They have strong and reliable bristles, that ensures your cleaning becomes easy.
  • Because of chemical resistant properties, they help to clean any solutions or solvent.
  • The tufted end on any type of brush is designed for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

Types of Laboratory Brush:

  • General purpose cleaning brush
  • Test tube brush
  • Beaker brush or pipette brush
  • Flask brush, with a bent handle for easy access to awkward corners
  • Measuring cylinder brush
  • Chromatography brush for detector and injector ports
  • Centrifuge brush
  • Sieve brush
  • Square tank brush

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