Bunsen Burner (Without Stopcock) Standard Lab Size


A Bunsen burner is a device to combine a flammable gas with a controlled amount of air before ignition; it produces a hotter flame than the ambient air and gas alone.

It consists of a metal tube on a base with a gas inlet at the lower end of the tube, an opening in the sides tube that can be regulated by a collar to admit as much as air is desired.

The mixture of air and gas is forced by gas pressure to the top of the tube where it ignites. It burns with a pale blue flame, primary flame, seen as a larger and outer cone that results when the remaining gas is completely oxidized by the surrounding air.


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  • The burner has rifled inlet with no regulator.
  • Brass-chrome plated burner tube.
  • Robust design, longer service life, and consistent performance of the burner.
  • Optimum quality raw material, sophisticated technology and high performance.


  • Never leave an unattended flame of the Bunsen burner.
  • Check the area around your Bunsen burner for flammable objects (flammable solvents, paper, towel, etc.) before lighting the flame.
  • Wait for the objects to be cooled before handling them.
  • Tie down the loose hair and clothing to avoid contact with any flame.
  • Place the burner away from the edge of the table or from a place where it can easily be knocked over.
  • Never apply direct heat to the containers before checking them. Make sure it is not too cold as applying direct heat to the glass can cause it to crack or break.
  • Make sure the gas line is completely off all times unless the Bunsen burner is in use.


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