Borosilicate Reagent Bottle (500 ML)


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Reagent Bottle is also known as the graduated bottles, made of plastic and glass. They contain chemicals in liquid or powder form for laboratories and store on the shelves and in cabinets.

The reagent bottles are designed to store reagents but with time its design improved so that various chemicals stored in the bottles.

A reagent is a compound which when added to a system, causes a chemical reaction. The reagent bottle has a narrow mouth opening on the top with pouring ring. The sloping shoulders of the reagent bottles helps the liquid to flow smoothly.

Some reagent bottles are actinic, brown or red to protect light-sensitive chemical compounds from visible light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation that can alter them.

The reagent bottle is called graduated if it has marks on the sides indicating the amount of liquid at a given level within the container.

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  • Chemical resistance
  • Consistency, durable, autoclavable.
  • Available in glass, plastic, and borosilicate.
  • Clear scale
  • Available in 500 ml size.


  • Bacteriology and hematology labs
  • All general laboratory applications
  • Clinical chemistry procedures
  • Research and development labs


  • Do not tighten the caps immediately after autoclaving.
  • Bottles larger than 2 litres should not be used under vacuum pressure as it can cause breakage.

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