Watch Glass (150 mm)


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Watch glasses are small, flat, round pieces of glassware.

It is mainly used in laboratories as a surface to evaporate liquids, for heating substances, to weighed solids, for heating substances or powders and as a cover for beakers to prevent dust or any other particles entering the beaker.

When the watch glass is used as an evaporation glass plate, the watch glass allows a clear direct look of crystallization and can be placed on a surface of contrasting color background to improve the visibility.

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  1. These watch glasses can be sterilized in an autoclave or a laboratory oven and can be reused later.
  2. Made of borosilicate and quartz glasses that offer high resistance to thermal stock.
  3. Made of glasses that provide chemical resistance, and withstand mechanical durability.


  1. Make sure that glass does not completely seal the beaker so gas exchanges can occur.
  2. When using to cover vessels, place watch glass with the concave side facing up to the glass nests into the vessel.

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