Watch Glass (150 mm)

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The Watch Glass (150 mm) is a transparent, circular glass component, typically used in laboratory settings. With a diameter of 150 mm, it serves as a cover for beakers, flasks, or petri dishes, preventing contamination and evaporation while allowing observation. It’s an essential tool for various scientific experiments and processes.

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The Watch Glass (150 mm) is a crucial tool in laboratory setups, featuring a transparent, circular glass surface measuring 150 mm in diameter. It acts as a protective cover for beakers, flasks, or petri dishes, shielding contents from contamination and minimizing evaporation. Its transparency facilitates easy observation of reactions or samples without compromising the integrity of the environment. This versatile component finds application across scientific experiments, assays, and chemical analyses, ensuring precision and reliability in laboratory procedures.

Key Features

  1. Durable Material: Crafted from sturdy glass, ensuring longevity and resistance to chemical corrosion.
  2. Transparency: Provides a clear view of samples or reactions while offering protection.
  3. Versatile Size: With a diameter of 150 mm, it accommodates various lab vessels.
  4. Contamination Prevention: Acts as a barrier against external contaminants, maintaining sample purity.
  5. Evaporation Reduction: Minimizes solvent evaporation during experiments, aiding in accurate measurements and observations.


  1. Handle with Care: Avoid rough handling to prevent breakage or injury.
  2. Cleanliness: Ensure the watch glass is clean before use to prevent contamination.
  3. Chemical Compatibility: Verify compatibility with chemicals to avoid reactions or damage.
  4. Proper Storage: Store in a designated area away from potential hazards.
  5. Temperature Consideration: Avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent thermal shock and breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can the watch glass withstand high temperatures?
Answer: Yes, it’s made from durable glass capable of withstanding moderate to high temperatures typically encountered in laboratory settings.

Question: Is the watch glass resistant to chemical corrosion?
Answer: Yes, it’s resistant to most chemicals commonly used in laboratories, but it’s essential to verify compatibility with specific reagents.

Question: Can I use the watch glass for covering heated solutions?
Answer: Yes, it’s suitable for covering beakers or flasks containing heated solutions, but avoid extreme temperature differentials to prevent breakage.

Question: How should I clean the watch glass?
Answer: Clean it with mild soap and water, then rinse thoroughly. For stubborn residues, use appropriate solvents or cleaning agents compatible with glassware.

Question: What is the purpose of using a watch glass in laboratory experiments?
Answer: The watch glass serves multiple purposes, including preventing contamination, reducing evaporation, and providing a clear observation surface for experiments or reactions.


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