Micro Pipette (10-1000 MICROLITER FIXED)


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A micropipette is an essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquid in the microliter range.

They are most commonly used in biology, chemistry, forensic, pharmaceutical, and drug discovery labs.

Micropipettes differ in size and volume dispensed – depending on particular aspects, they also require specific pipette tips.

For micropipettes, a disposable pipette tip is required to aspirate liquid as the pipette is the only part of the pipette that comes in contact with the solution.

Whether you are looking for low retention, filter or a gel loading tip, make sure the pipette tip perform accordingly as precise as micropipette. The most essential aspect of a pipette tip is its quality so don’t forget to research the purity of your pipette tips.

The volume range of the micropipette is limited and maximum. The amount of liquid aspirated and dispensed can be adjusted from 10-100 microliter to meet the requirements of the individual.

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Never drop your pipette as it can lead it to be out of calibration.
Never aspirate into the pipette as it might lead to build up and give you accurate results.
Avoid turning the dial past or below the volume range – it can break the volume indicator or other components present in the pipette.
To prevent cross contamination, it is recommended to use a new tip for every sample.
Never jam a pipette tip into a pipette as it can damage the pipette tip and the pipette shaft.

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