Borosilicate Test Tube (100 mm x 12 mm)


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The test tubes are the laboratory apparatus made of glassware or plasticware. These are elongated, open-topped tubes with a closed base, made in a range of lengths and diameters, generally held in test tube racks to organize them.

It is found in most biological, chemical, clinical, and school laboratories.

It is available in various materials, volume capacities, and shapes, and maybe sterile, non-sterile, autoclavable, and include caps.

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  • Disposable and reusable plastic test tubes, manufactured from polypropylene, polycarbonate, and polystyrene for optical clarity.
  • Reusable borosilicate glass test tubes
  • High-resistant to heat, thermal stock, and chemicals
  • Available in the size of 100 mm x 12 mm.


  • Sample storage on the bench, in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Clinical assays, routine testing, photometry, or chemical reactions
  • Cell or microbial cultures in solution or on agar slopes
  • Also suitable for centrifugation (some test tubes)
  • Used for teaching and demonstration purposes in the classroom.


  • Never hold test tubes in your hand while heating.
  • When shaking a test tube containing chemicals, always point the test tube away from yourself and other students.
  • Properly label the test tubes that contain chemicals.
  • Use tongs when heating the test tubes.

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