Borosilicate Graduated Pipette (10 ML)


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A pipette is a laboratory tool used to transfer and dispense fixed amounts of liquids. It comes in different varieties, each variety entails specific intended builds, uses, and requirements for use.

One of pipette type is graduated pipette.

A graduated pipette is a pipette with volume in increments marked on the tube. It is used to accurately measure and transfer the volume of liquid from one container to the other.

The graduated pipette is made from plastic or glass tubes and has a tapered tip. The tube has graduation markings indicating volume from the tip to that point.

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  • Clear labels alongside the tube
  • Can be used for large amounts when the accuracy is critical
  • It is generally cost-efficient.
  • The size of the graduated pipette is 10ml.


  • Clean and check your pipette before and after very use.
  • To get accurate results for your experiments, service the pipette every six months.
  • Never hold or put the pipette on the bench while using – keep it on a stand in an upright position.

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