What are the transportation costs?

Every Seller’s conveyance fees change.
For items of little value, merchants impose somewhat higher transportation expenses. In these situations, levying an apparent transportation fee pushes them to balance coordination expenses. It would be best if you reviewed your request summary to understand the delivery fees for individual products.

What distinguishes the conveyance date from the X-Y business day conveyance sequence of events?

Depending on the sequence of events depicted on the item page, it is possible that the Seller or our delivery partners will experience an event between the day your request is submitted and the date of delivery. In this case, we extend the assessment date by one day. The delivery dates account for some dispatch partners and Sellers who don’t shoot on Sundays.

What is the estimated time for transportation?

Most of the time, vendors order and send out the items inside the time frame stated on the item page. Open events and Sundays are prohibited on business days.

Assessed delivery time is based on the following factors:

The vendor supplying the good.
Accessibility of the Item to the Seller.
The objective and region of the Seller that you need the request to be delivered to.

Are there any hidden fees (deals charges, octroi, etc.) associated with items sold by Wishbee sellers?

When you purchase something from Lab Wale, there are NO hidden fees. Rundown charges are thorough and definitive. The price listed on the item page corresponds to what you would really pay.

Conveyance fees are not hidden costs; instead, they are assessed (if at all) in addition depending on the Seller’s mode of transportation.

Why does the estimated delivery time vary for every merchant?

You have probably seen changing estimated delivery timeframes for sellers of the item you are interested in. Accessibility, the seller’s geographic region, your delivery target, and the messenger partner’s excellent potential to-convey in your location all have an impact on conveyance timeframes.

If possible, input your default stick code on the item page (you don’t have to enter it every time) to see progressively accurate delivery timeframes directly on the item page.

Vendor is unable to ship to my area. Why?

In order to find out whether an item may be delivered to your location, it would be best if you entered your pincode on the item page (you don’t need to do so at every chance).
The pincode in your delivery address will be used to verify its validity if you didn’t provide it until the checkout process.
What determines whether or not your location may be renovated.
Whether or if the Seller ships to your location.
legal restraints, if any, in the delivery of particular goods to your area.
The presence of trustworthy messenger partners nearby.
Sellers may choose not to ship to particular locations. They have full discretion over this.

Why isn’t the CoD substitute available in my area?

The ability of our messenger partner adjusting your region to accept payment in cash at the time of delivery determines the availability of COD.

Your request value may have exceeded this limit since our messenger partners have restrictions on the amount of money that must be paid on delivery depending on the destination. To find out if CoD is available in your region, it would be good if you entered your stick code on the item page.

How should I organise a get if I need to restore something?

The returns are easy. Contact Us to initiate an arrival. When you begin an arrival, a call will be placed to you to discuss the process.

Every location made possible by Logistics will promote the acquisition of the object. You can restore the item via an outside dispatch administration if the get cannot be coordinated through us. The cost of the return is covered by the seller.

What do labels like “In Stock” and “Accessible” actually mean?

With Stock

Sellers will refer to the conveyance time based on your local pincode for items listed as “In Stock” (generally 2-3 business days, 4-5 business days or 4-6 business days in regions where standard messenger administration is accessible). Requests will be delivered to various locations by Registered Post via the Indian Postal Service, which may take 1-2 weeks depending on the area.


When a request is made for anything, the Seller most likely won’t have it in stock but can still obtain it. The estimated obtainment time and the estimated sending time to your location will both affect the conveyance time.

“Pending” or “Preorder”

Such items may be reserved in advance and are usually released quickly. After the item’s genuine discharge shipment arrives and contacts you, delivery of the item will begin within 2 to 6 business days. The meaning of “Preorder” varies depending on the item. Discharge time and date are mentioned wherever available. (Ex. third week of August, fifth week of May)

Not available

The item isn’t currently accessible or available for purchase. Use the “Tell Me” highlight to be notified when it becomes available for purchase.


Sellers may need to obtain items from countries other than India. Some items, which are listed as “Imported” on the item page, may take up to 10 days or more to reach you.

“Back In Stock”

The item is popular and sold out. You can still “book” a request for the item, and it will be delivered in accordance with the Seller’s specified sequence of events.

Shortly unavailable

The product could become accessible shortly. Use the “Inform Me” button to be notified when it becomes available for purchase.

“Forever Discontinued”

Due to its age and the fact that production has been halted, this item will never again be available.

No longer being produced

Due to the fact that it is no longer available and has been permanently discontinued, this item is not available.

Does Lab Wale communicate to everyone?

Lab Wale doesn’t yet communicate anything internationally.